Goda Advertising smartleads

Our Visitor I.D. System can tell you who's interested in your website.

What used to be anonymous web traffic is now identifiable with SmartLeads. Our vital service measures the frequency, quantity and depth of each visit to your website. This is critical information that your business cannot afford to ignore. Details are captured and shared with you so that your sales team can take action while leads are still hot.


Identify Visitors: Identify anonymous web traffic and match with company name where possible. SmartLeads identifies what company is viewing your website and from where visitors were referred.

Lead Management: Identify leads and opportunities through who is visiting your page, frequency of visits and pages or products viewed.

Weekly Visitor Report: Receive a report of leads that visited your website, including data of the most active companies. Includes company name, date of visit and pages viewed.

Notification Emails: Instant email alerts can be delivered to you and your distributors (up to 15 master distributors or regional sales managers included in the package). Email alerts can be set up by: The number of pages a visitor views, territory and when a specific page/product on your website was viewed. Email alerts include: Company information, office location, company description, contact info. (name, job title, email address and phone number), which pages/products a visitor viewed , time a visitor spent on the specific page and source of the leads.

CRM, Email Marketing and/or Online Forms Integration: Leads can also be transferred into many CRM systems. Enriched information can be gathered from email marketing and contact forms.