Alternatives To Trade Shows

Physical trade shows and conferences are cancelled. Now what? We offer exciting alternatives to trade shows. Stay connected to valued existing customers, and make connections to serious prospects through in-person options, virtual options or a combination of both. We provide turnkey services from concept to completion.

We offer a range of marketing promotions to generate interest and motivate your audience to take action. Contact us to learn more.


Goda Advertising

1603 Colonial Parkway

Inverness, IL 60067

For service and sales, contact:

Tom Graham
cellphone: 847-571-9990

Paul Goda
cellphone: 244-730-5500

Kaori Toyokawa
cellphone: 224-223-5712
For production, contact:

Liz Kang
cellphone: 847-452-7200

Kim Maley
cellphone: 847-858-7397

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“People with Goda Advertising are always helpful in any situation. With their support, we opened the second office in San Francisco in May.”

–Yasu Hirose, Japan Math Corp.