This high-quality clothing press manufacturer wanted to make small and large dry cleaning operations aware of and interested in their presses. One way we achieved this was to create a uniquely whimsical advertising campaign where clothing “came to life.” Rather than focusing on machines, we emphasized the customers’ (end-user) reaction to the benefits. We broke the mold of tired and expected clothing press promotions with a fresh, fun and personified approach. Ads ran nationally in a variety of dry cleaning publications; including versions translated into Korean. Some of the ads were converted into posters. Other projects included a campaign of product line brochures.

Competitor brands soon followed suit and began advertising with a look and feel similar to Sankosha’s. Boasting the number one market share in the U.S., Sankosha is now industry-recognized as having the highest quality presses.

Sankosha Print Ads

Print Ads

Sankosha Product Line Brochures

Product Line Brochures

Sankosha Brochure Detail

Brochure Detail