Latest Digital Marketing Strategies:

6 Points to Maximize Your Trade Show Budget

JCCC Exhibition Seminar Presented by Goda Advertising

Goda Advertising presented Latest Digital Marketing Strategies to attendees of the Exhibition Marketing Seminar held by The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chicago (JCCC).

Nao Sugita, Goda Advertising Account Executive, conducted the seminar in Japanese and provided insight into best practices for trade show planning and execution. Highlighted were the following 6 Points to Maximize Your Trade Show Budget.

1. Determine your goals for the show.

Every trade show plan should start with defining the purpose of your participation. Are you interested in generating more leads, in increasing product awareness, or do you have another goal in mind? Be sure your goal is achievable.

2. Think about the unique selling point of your product(s).

Think about what differentiates your product from your competitors’. Why is it better? How does it stand out? Promote this message.

3. Clearly express your message in your booth.

Minimize your message. You have 2-3 seconds to capture the attention of a passing visitor so make your message direct and clear.

4. Strive for quality over quantity of leads.

Look for quality, not necessarily quantity of leads. A show-provided lead management system can help you qualify leads real-time and save your salespeople valuable time post-show.

5. Consider ways to cut costs.

Ease of booth assembly/disassembly saves labor time and costs. Considering things like weight and dimensions of booth materials can dramatically cut costs.

6. Supplemental promotions.

Get your message out and reinforced through promotions that might include e-blasts, direct mail, ads, or landing pages.

Over 40 Japanese business executives gathered at the fully attended seminar held on May 23 at the Schaumburg Township District Library.